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Francis Rbn

1 day ago
👋 Hello. We are looking for serious partners to help them during their competition, (current or future) for the return of our votes from June 22 in favor of the Restos du Coeur: 👧 Old team 🐕 🦺 disabled . Contact in mp Valérie Ardange or directly on the wall of Théa please, WITH YOUR LINK + MAXIMUM NUMBER OF VOTES NOT TO BE EXCEEDED, to help you with pleasure in the shortest 😉 possible time.

Claude Lebrasseur

14 May 2022 06:22:47AM
7286 a rendre a Kylia chien 2 ieme place merci

Valérie Ardange

12 May 2022 23:21:15PM
Coucou👋. Nous recherchons des partenaires à aider lors de leur concours, pour retour de nos votes à compter du 22 juin prochain en faveur des Restos du Coeur : 👧 Contact en mp Valérie Ardange ou directement sur le mur de Théa svp.

Sooty Buckley

11 May 2022 11:14:52AM

Rebecca Davis

10 May 2022 20:39:24PM
Mony voted

Rebecca Davis

10 May 2022 01:55:01AM